Types and treatment of jaundice

Jaundice if happened can affect the body of a person adversely. It affects the overall functioning of the body and can be deadly in many cases. If you are suffering from it than it is very important to understand it. Go through the article to know more about it. Types of  Jaundice are given below.

There are mainly three types of Jaundice

Hepatocellular jaundice

This type of Jaundice occurs whenever there is any injury or disease in the liver. It is a very complicated health problem and required the immediate attention of a doctor. Any ignorance to this health problem might be deadly.

Hemolytic jaundice

This jaundice occurs as a result of haemolysis which is a process of accelerated breakdown of the red blood cells or RBC. This eventually leads to the increase in production of bilirubin in the body which causes jaundice.

Obstructive jaundice

This is another type of Jaundice and as the word itself suggest it is caused due to any obstruction in the bile duct. It is connected with the liver and any obstruction in the bile duct prevents Bilirubin from leaving the body and hence Bilirubin gets accumulated leading to jaundice.

Prevention of Jaundice

It is always said that precaution is better than cure. Once you are affected by jaundice then it might affect your liver for a very long time. Also it may depend upon the type of jaundice you have. Liver is a very vital health organ which needs to be maintained in order to live a healthy life. Any problem in the liver will definitely affect the whole functioning of the body. Keeping a healthy diet, exercising regularly, taking medicines whenever needed. A few of the precautions which needs to be done in order to keep any liver problem away.


The treatment of jaundice depends upon the underlying cause of it. There are various treatments that are used. Here are a few of them.

Jaundice that is induced by anemia can be treated by increasing the amount of hemoglobin or iron in the blood. These can be increased by taking supplements, medicines, and iron-containing fruits and vegetables.

Jaundice that is induced by hepatitis requires antiviral and steroid medications. These medications are often complex and long term.

Jaundice that is caused by any obstruction in the liver can be treated by surgical methods which include operation.

If jaundice has been caused by the effect of any medication then the doctor changes the medication and prescribed some other medicines.

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