Risk Factors for Brain Tumor and Symptoms

Hey, Guys in this article we talk about the Risk factors of brain tumors. Here are the risk factors that brain tumor includes:-


The risk for Brain Tumor increases with the age. There are very rare cases where a child, teenager or any young person is diagnosed with a brain tumor. But as the age of a person increases, the chances of brain tumor become even more higher. As the body becomes prone to several other diseases hence the body also becomes prone to brain tumor.


The race and the genetic constituency of a person is directly or indirectly related to the different diseases. A particular race may acquire a certain disease very easily as their body is not very resistant to it. It is the same as in the case of brain tumor too. In general these brain tumors are more common among the caucasians. Also the African American people are more subjected and likely to get the meningiomas.

Family history

As the cancer is caused by the mutation of the genes present in the cells it is more likely to be inherited by the parents. In a research it is concluded that 5 to 10% of all cancers are genetically inherited or hereditary in nature. Although it is rare for a brain tumor to be genetically inherited but if in case you suspect this to be true as members of your family are suffering from brain tumors then consult a Doctor. He might suggest you some your doctor or a genetic Counselor to guide you through this.

Exposure to chemical

There are various chemicals present in our nature which when exposed to us can cause cancer and brain tumors. The National Institute for Occupational safety and health has given a list of potential cancer causing chemicals which are found in place.


People who tend to be exposed to radiation for a long time have an increased risk of brain tumors and cancers. As these rays have the ability to mute the genes present in our cells. As a result the cells get malfunctioned and gets converted into the cancerous cells. The ionizing radiations when get exposed for a long time can be very harmful. You can be exposed to these radiations by many means. Cancer therapies also uses high radiation. You can also be in touch with these radiations from nuclear fallout. How people can be exposed to these harmful ionizing radiations can be explained by the examples of nuclear power plant incidents of fukushima and Chernobyl.

Chicken pox

It is incredible how chickenpox is also related to brain tumors. According to the medical brain tumor associations people who have suffered from chickenpox in childhood have less risk of being suffered from brain tumor in the future.

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