Jaundice and its symptoms

Jaundice is one of the serious acute health problems which can be treated easily but when not taken seriously can even be fatal. There are many reports of jaundice coming up everyday. Jaundice affects almost every age group and is very severe for new born babies. Here are few things everyone needs to know about jaundice.

Jaundice is a medical condition where the colour of the skin becomes yellow along with the whites of the eyes. Also the body Fluids may also become yellow. The colour of the skin as well as that of the eyes vary from person to person. This depends upon the level of bilirubin which is the causal factor of Jaundice. Bilirubin is a waste material which is commonly found in the blood. The moderate levels of Bilirubin in the body will show a pale yellow colour but if the level of bilirubin is increased then the colour of the body becomes brown from yellow. This condition is a very serious condition of Jaundice and may even cause the death of a person. In the United States about 60% of all infants born have jaundice. Jaundice affects every age group. It is a condition which is associated with some problems in the functioning of liver or bile duct.

Here are some fast facts about jaundice

  • Jaundice is caused due to inflamed liver or obstructed bile duct. Also there are many underlying conditions which can lead to jaundice.
  • The diagnosis of Jaundice involves a lot of tests of the blood.
  • There are many symptoms of Jaundice but the most basic symptoms which can be seen is a yellow tinge in the skin and in the whites of the eyes.
  • A person may also suffer from vomiting, headache, itchiness in the body, etc.
  • The major cause of Jaundice is the build-up of Bilirubin in the blood which is a waste material.

Jaundice has many common symptoms which can be seen all throughout the body. There are various changes in the body and its functioning. Here are a few of the most common symptoms.

  • The symptom which can be easily detected is a yellow tinge in the skin as well as in the eyes. The yellow colour starts from the head till the end of the body. The yellow tint can be seen all throughout the skin which is the most common detectable symptom of Jaundice.
  • The stool colour changes and becomes pale which is also a symptom of Jaundice.
  • The urine becomes dark and quite smelling you also experience itchiness all around the body.
  • While eating you may experience pain at the abdomen or at the side where the liver is situated. You may also feel the pain while moving.
  • Fatigue and vomiting is a very common symptom. You will experience body pain and weakness. Vomiting is one of the very common symptoms as the food does not get digested.
  • The temperature of the body may rise and you may experience shivering fever. Also you will lose weight. Your body tends to lose weight very fast. It is due to all the weakness your body is suffering from.

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