Importance of Vitamins and what do they do?

Vitamins are very essential for the body as that of the other nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, minerals, etc. People usually rely upon the source of carbohydrates and fats. It is very necessary to know how these functions in our body and how they affect our health. In this article will go through all the major role that vitamins play and their importance in our day to day life.

Build bones

Vitamins are very essential when it comes to building up the body and bones. The formation of bones will be completely impossible without the vitamins like vitamin D and vitamin K. Vitamin D is very essential to be taken in order for complete strong and healthy bones formation. It is often seen that people who lack these vitamins tend to have deficiency diseases such as rickets, improper bone growth, etc.

Good vision

Vitamins are also very essential when it comes to provide a good eyesight. Vitamin A is associated with the vision and keeps the cells of eyes healthy. The Vitamin A is found in carrots and that is why carrot is often recommended to people who have low eyesight. One should add this in daily diet. Carrot can be taken as salad or curry.

Release energy

Vitamin helps in release of energy which can be utilised by the body. For example, several vitamin B are the key component of coenzyme that help in release of energy from the food. Hence they do not directly participate but rather indirectly helps in release of energy.

Produce energy

There are certain vitamins which are engaged in the production of energy to our body. Example of such vitamins are naicine, pantothenic, riboflavin, biotin, etc. That’s the reason why doctors prescribe vitamins to people who face weakness. Also body pain is also affected by the vitamin level in our body.


They are very essential for reproduction and for building of cells. For example, it is associated with the reproduction capacity of an individual. Also, it helps in multiplication and formation of new cells. Vitin E is readily associated with the reproductive capacity of humans.

Protect our body

The vitamins which we take protect our body from several infections and diseases. It acts as a shield and protect our body from many deficiency diseases. Deficiency occurs when an appropriate amount of a specific vitamin is not available. For example lack of vitamin C in the body may lead to scurvy, a lack of vitamin D in the body may lead to rickets, etc.


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