How to Lose Weight Fast in Simple Steps

Weight loss,in the context of medicine,health and physical fitness refers to the reduction of the total body mass and the excess fat from our body.In our daily life,we gain a lot of weight by overeating or not being physically healthy.

In that process,we become overweight and it causes a lots of problems in our body as well in our heath.Some of the causes of weight loss are listed below-:

Muscle loss

This is the main cause of weight loss.Our body is made of fat mass and fat-free mass which includes muscle,bone and water.So,if we lose body muscle,we can lose weight.

Overactive thyroid

This is another cause of weight loss.If our thyroid is overactive,we can quickly burn calories even if we have a good appetite.


This is another cause of weight loss.If we reduces the intake of excess sugar in our body then we can lose weight.

Why lose weight?

Appearance:- People feel inferior to those people who looks slim than them..they think if they lose weight they will look more preetier and beautiful than them.

Confidence and body image:- People with excess fat loses confidence and hence they feel neglected.They also feel uncomfortable with their appearance.

Overall health:- Maintaining a healthy body is very important as it keeps us free from any diseases.

Diets:- Dieting is very important for our health but to some extent. Over dieting leads to severe health problems too. Many dieticians,nutritions tend to make us understand that if we eat the properly right amount of food in the right time,exercise properly then we can lose weight faster.

Calories:- Intake of calories is very important. We have to learn that eating roti is more beneficial than having rice(white rice) because of contains a lot of calories.

Weight control:- Maintaining a balanced diet along with some good exercise everyday leads to weight control.Proper sleep in 7-8 hours a day, having a good meal and at the right time leads to weight control.

Natural remedies:- Natural remedies such as yoga,meditation,exercise and mindful eating also leads to weight loss.

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