Best ways to increase your height with yoga

Here are the few yoga postures which help in increasing the height.


This posture is very beneficial as pressure is exerted on the back of the muscles of thighs and the neck region. In this exercise, all you need to do is sit on the ground and stretch your legs joining them and bend forward. Stay in that position for a few seconds and then keeping the back straight try to rest on the head on your knees and then again get back to the normal position.

Ustra Asana

This is another very beneficial exercise with does not just helps in increasing the height but also relieves many health problems. This is also known as camel pose which in the backward bending of the body is done. It directly affects the master gland or pituitary gland. This is very good for people who suffer from fluctuating blood pressure. For performing this exercise, one has to sit on vajrasana. Stand on the knees while inhaling and draw your tailbone towards the pub with keep the arms and back straight. Stay in position for a few seconds and then breathe in and out slowly and come back to the normal position.

Headstand and sarvangasana

Together both of them are referred to as Sirshaasana. This stretching exercise involves inversion against the force of gravity. This has direct effect and pressure on the pituitary gland which produces growth hormones. In this asana, a person has to lie flat on the back as in shav Aasan with the palms facing downward. To continue performing this exercise, one has to Slowly lift the legs along with the buttocks and the back. You can also support your back with the hands.

Vriksha Asana

Vriksh in Hindi means for a tree. So in this Aasana a person forms structure like a tree. Stretching the whole body, this position works wonders for increasing the height. In this poster one leg is folded over another leg which results in the weight being transferred in the second leg. This results in strengthening and tightening of the muscles. In this portion the neck is also flexed upwards which directly affect the pituitary gland located in the neck. The amazing fact here is the pituitary gland produces growth hormones which functions for increasing the height. Scientifically, this exercise is very helpful for increasing the growth of the body.


This is considered as one of the most effective exercises for increasing the height. This Aasan involves stretching the body from head to toe in upward direction so as to stretch the muscles. As the muscles are stretched, this elongation posture generates the production of growth hormone in the body. One needs to stand straight with the legs, neck and the waist parallel to each other in a straight line. Keep both feet in touch with each other as well as the hands on the sides. With the palm facing the sides while moving and stretching upwords take a deep breath in a keep that posture for at least 5 seconds. Stretched the maximum you can and after that come back to the previous relaxed position exhaling out. Repeat this exercise at least 10 to 20 times a day and keep practicing it with increasing the numbers of exercise.

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